Berlin, Berlin

Thursday February 5th, 2015

After carrying around roughly 5000 boxes, desks, chairs and computers and running about 10 miles of cable–at least that’s what it felt like!–we can relax a bit: Our Berlin dev team moved into its lab at long last. In the deep heart of Schoeneberg. After all, a proper and suitable office is a nice thing to have for the production of our technology and other projects like Genius & Evil.

The building the Berlin team is located in is landmarked; the rebuild took its sweet time as result of that. It was well worth the waiting though since the office was redesigned according to our wishes and needs. The construction work was finished in in late January, the XG team then moved in a few days later. There still are plenty of whiteboards, pictures and lamps we need to mount, but that’s for some other time.

We certainly feel at home already. :)

P.S.: Then and now.




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