Experimental Game among Germany’s Top 30 start-ups

Tuesday February 16th, 2016

Well, as usual, we don’t get to update the website as often as we’d love to thanks to our work on the Gamebook Technology and other projects based on it. Doesn’t mean we don’t get to share some exciting news once in a while though: Experimental Game is among Germany’s top 30 start-ups!

How and where did this came to be? The German entrepreneur portal Für-Gründer.de conducted a study and analyzed the start-up competitions that took place in Germany in 2015. There were 145 contests through which 944 awards were bestowed upon 810 companies altogether with there having been “tens of thousands” of contest applications. Based on the competitions, the prizes and the prize money the Für-Gründer.de team then compiled a ranking. Even despite the Creative Technology Award (mid December) not being factored in anymore, Experimental Game made it into the top 30. We’re kinda proud of that.

You can read the full Für-Gründer.de report and its ranking here (German). If you’ve missed the news on our award honors, hit this and this link to get up to speed!

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