Eyes set on Cologne

Wednesday July 29th, 2015

One more update on our trip to Cologne! We now known when and where our presentation at Respawn will take place and thus wanted to provide a final rundown of where Experimental Game will be present at. Our team will be around pretty much from Monday to Friday, but you may want to know a bit more beyond that.

In a nutshell:

What: GDC Europe 2015 talk “The Weekly Adventure: News-Driven Interactive Storytelling – Challenges & Techniques” by Nico & Tommy
When: August 3 (Monday), 5pm
Where: GDC Venue, Congress Saal 3 Details: Nico and Tommy will talk about gaming formats involving news-driven content and how productions pipelines need to get adapted to make this possible to begin with. Includes a daring live demo!

What: Respawn 2015 talk “Power Play: A Quick Guide to Ruining the Information Flow” by Karla & Julian
When: August 4 (Tuesday), 3pm
Where: Respawn venue, stage 3
Details: Communication and the build-up of knowledge is more important than ever. Office politics can be detrimental to the flow of information within an organization; research actually lets us quantify and closer look at the effects of status and distribution of power in a company.

What: Experimental Game gamescom 2015 booth
When: August 5-7
Where: Hall 2.2, booth B020 C021 (part of the media.net berlinbrandenburg area in the Business Center)
Details: This is our little base for gamescom. Feel free to stop by and get in touch with us! We’ll provide a behind-closed-door peek at Genius & Evil and introduce the Gamebook Technology to a selected audience. Chances are you’ll run into Tom, Tobias or Nico.

As usual, it’s best to contact us ahead of gamescom so that we know that and when you’ll visit us. We’re looking for publishing or distribution partners interested in a new weekly, news-driven games format (Genius & Evil) and companies that want a powerful production environment (the Gamebook Technology, of course) to quickly and reliable deliver interactive entertainment.

See ya in Cologne!

The gamescom booth of Experimental Game GmbH is being supported by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union.

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