GAME membership & Für-Grü feature

Friday April 15th, 2016

Experimental Game GmbH is expanding its reach by joining the German games industry association GAME. Also: Für-Grü considers the Gamebook Technology as particularly promising concept.

For over ten years now GAME has been repesenting the interests and promoting the matters of German developers and publishers in other industries and politics and has been participating in the cultural discourse on the medium of digital games. Being an industry association, of course, it also provides its members opportunities to network, share knowledge and devise initiatives. This covers the full range from small independent developers to larger publishers. And as our company has reached the stage in which we sharpen our external focus, it’s a logical step for us to get involved as well. And thus, Experimental Game is now one of the over 100 members of the GAME association.

If you want to learn more about how the structure and work of GAME, you can head over to the official website. There’s also a bit of German press coverage hierhere and here.

If that hasn’t satisfied your demand for German reading material yet, we can point you over to Für-Grü The business portal had already considered us one of the top 30 German start-up companies of 2015 and now put up another feature: five award-worthy entrepreneurial ideas. Among them is–yes, you’ve guessed that one–our Gamebook Technology.

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