GDC News & IQ Innovation Award Finale

Friday May 8th, 2015
GDC Europe 2015

Sort of breaking news: We’ve learned that our talk proposal for GDC Europe 2015 got accepted! We’re super-delighted that we got selected as early as it happened. And it’s somewhat humbling to be labeled as one of the highlights in the production track of the conference right along the makers of League of Legends. What is all this going to be about?

Nico and Tommy will head off to Cologne to talk about our approach to the development of episodic projects with news content. And we don’t just want to to ‘talk the talk’, but also ‘walk the walk’ as part of the presentation. GDC Europe 2015 will be on August 3rd and 4th; the exact date and time of our session will be set in June though. Once we know more, you’ll read about it right here. We’ll be available at the conference either way, and obviously enough, we’re also going to attend gamescom 2015. Feel free to get in touch with us!

There’s one more nice piece of news this week: Experimental Game and our Gamebook Technology is among a selected group of finalists for the IQ Innovation Award Mitteldeutschland. There are several categories, and we’re running in the IT cluster. We’ll know in a few weeks if succeeded and even made it a step beyond this. The award ceremony will be held on July 1st in Naumburg, Germany.