Lab Rats – Experimental experiments

Tuesday June 2nd, 2015

Last week our ‘day-to-day operations’ were ceased for two days as the company had organized an interal jam event for the first time. After some thinking time we had decided on a name: Lab Rats. Read on if you want to known what kind of things the team came up with. More importantly: You actually get to try some of them!

Out of about 10 pitches the XG crew picked four projects to be implemented during the duration of Lab Rats, three of which were games with the fourth one being a physical tool to organize lunch groups. Because, well, food.

HoverBall (Download)

HoverBall is based on an older jam project and happens to be a local multiplayer game for two participants. It’s a bit of a mix of soccer, golf, and asteroids — the latter being the inspiration for the control scheme. The two players need to cleverly maneuver their ships to control the ball and score; the player to score three goals first wins. HoverBall can be played via keyboard or controller.

Umgnömung (Download)

The game originally pitched as Nutshell Race was quickly rechristened based on a strange typo in the presentation. It happens! The local multiplayer title was in part inspired by the 16-bit classic MicroMachines. Up to four players can join in this bathtub race and steer their sailboats to the finish line. Well, technically there’s no finish line, so enjoy it as a sandbox experience. Unlike HoverBall, Umgnömung can only be played with controllers.

Lunch Groups

The third team decided to do something physical and made a solid board for the team to organize its lunch endeavours by marking timeframe and desired lunch spot. Three days in it’s safe to say: It’s being heavily used!

AR Pong

The main idea behind this one was actually spicing up our business cards. Team D ended up implementing a Pong-style augmented-reality game that can be played on mobile devices. The game content is being projected into the camera feed of the device and adjusted to the perspective, the XG logo being the marker used as reference. And unlike the other games, AR Pong actually can be played online. If you’re one of the two people that have the app right now that is. We like the idea so much that we want to add some additional features before it ‘goes live’.

If you want to try out HoverBall and Umgnömung, head over to this place. Both games are Unity-based and require Windows. If you’re having an awesome time and would like to have a web build or a Mac/Linux build, get in touch with us! The HoverBall team is comitted to tweaking and refining their game a bit- we’ll post an update whenever that happened.

We also took a bunch of photos, so knock yourself out!