Meet us in Cologne at Respawn and gamescom 2016!

Friday August 12th, 2016

It’s time to bring back one of our classic feature photos – we’ll be on the road again very soon! All the details and some more news after the break.

Experimental Game is, as usual, getting ready to head off to Cologne in August. And once again we’ll be available for meetings and demo sessions; if you’re going to be around as well, let us know! Our company is a part of the booth in the Business Area and can be found in hall 2.2 at B030a / C031a. Also, for the third consecutive year we’ll be attending the Respawn conference prior gamescom to give a presentation. This year Julian and Nico will talk about the characteristics of modern work environments, providing some historical perspective, details on how work should be organized and what it takes to increase intrinsic motivation and cooperation within groups. As always, we’re looking forward to seeing familiar as well new faces in Cologne.

We haven’t updated our website as much as we intended – and it wasn’t for the lack of news material. First of all, we’ve been hard at work crafting the next major iteration of our Gamebook Technology, using all the insight we’ve gathered from working with the initial version to expand and refine where suitable. We’re really happy with the new workflow and look – it’s rather snappy!

Among other things, we’ve also worked with Berlin Partner to develop an interactive showcase of their #berlindustry rocks campaign, using assets that had been produced for the video series and employing our production environment. In addition to that, we’re working on a couple of projects that we can’t really reveal yet, one of which involves a major publishing house that employs Gamebook for a project that we will shed a light on later this year. More intel on that once we’re ready.

In the meantime: see you in Cologne!