Quo Vadis 2015: Mini-Review

Friday April 24th, 2015
Quo Vadis

A few days ago we had the opportunity to deliver a session at Quo Vadis 2015. And since one of the biggest conferences in the industry basically happens to be in our backyard (well, Berlin), it was an obvious thing to do. With Tobias, Karla, Nico, and Stephan  we had no less than four people attend the event since we also had to master an abundance of appointments during the International Games Week in addition to the talk

The presentation itself was a mix of  game development and improvisational theatre during which we actually showed a small part of the Gamebook Technology semi-publically for the first time. And as evidenced by the photos: The audience was rather big despite our session being in the time slot as the opening of the International Games Week Berlin.

Karla also attended Womenize, while Julian, as usual, headed off to the A Maze Berlin where he was tasked to take tons of photos by the organizers of the indie game festival.