What exactly is Evil & Genius?

Friday August 16th, 2013

If you’ve taken a closer look at our website, you’ve probably stumbled across Evil & Genius, a project our researcher are currently working on meticulously.

Evil & Genius tells the story of a boy who has to deal with the trials and tribulations of everyday life: a mother who actually is an immortal Greek mythological figure, a sister who just wants to get rid of him and the vivid brain of a sinister scientist that was waiting to be freed from a bunker after half a century. And at the center of all of it: you. The decisions you’ll make as you’re experiencing the story will affect its course.

With this project we’re striving to achieve two things: Firstly, establishing a new and interactive kind of news format that combines classic story-telling with up-to-the-minute content. Secondly, it’ll serve as an example of features and workflow of our Gamebook technology.

Further details can be found on the project page – and maybe you’ll be able to try out Evil & Genius yourself very soon!